Serial Numbers ????

These are the Corestores latest aquisitions... it will probably be at least a month or so before they show up, so I'm using photographs sent by the chap I got them from... I've got a couple of 11/55s, a bunch of RK05s, and a card reader.

The 11/55 was the fastest CPU of all the early 11s - it used high-speed bipolar memory. It was a bit of a mongrel - the basic CPU was similar to the 11/70, it had the same modes etc., but it only supported 18-bit addressing, and had no cache - just the very fast bipolar main memory. Optimised for processing speed on scientific workloads.

The main lump of stuff... two 11/55s, and two RK05s.

Closeup of the 11/55 front panel.

One of the RK05Fs it comes with is somewhat unusual - I've never seen one of those before:

The card reader is also unusual - can anyone identify this?

This is somewhat of a 'placeholder' page - there will be much more when I actually lay hand on these machines!

The 11/55 seems to be a fairly rare machine in private hands... haven't found much sign of folks having them in their collections.

http://telnet.hu/hamster/pdp-11/1145.html a good Hungarian page describing the difference between 11/45, 11/50, and 11/55.
https://www.britishairways.com/inside/biztobiz/flightsim/docs/simulate/sim7472.shtml British Airways apparently still use them to run their 747-200 sim!