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Corestore Collection - IBM 1800

UPDATE 6th March 2004 - the 1800 has now arrived at the Corestore, see page 2 for the latest news!

The IBM 1800 is a close relative of the IBM 1130, with the addition of a bunch of D/A inputs and outputs; the 1800 was designed specifically for data aquisition and process control.

Dates from the early-mid 1960s, also has a lot in common with the System/360 - not architecturally, the 1800 is 16-bit - but in the implementation - both are built from the same SLT technology.

My 1800 was a spare unit rescued from a Canadian power station, where several others are, I believe, still in service! It's in storage in Canada, I'll work up a full page on this unit when I get hold of it!

A most impressive set of blinkenlights shows S/360 heritage...

A closer view

In the foreground, boxes of card decks, and manuals, system in the background.

More manuals, the 1053 console printer in the foreground, and the 1442 card reader/punch behind a further pile of manuals.

A photograph of the machine (not my machine??) in use...

And a closeup of the blinkenlights.

Lastly, here are a couple of pictures of the system taken when it was 'guest of honour' at a charity exhibition of computing history in Canada in April 2003.

(These two images are copyright 'The Record' 2003 and are reproduced with permission.)

The 1800 with a couple of crazy geeks (Kevin Stumpf and Pete Knoll) sitting on top of it :-)

Closeup of the 1053 Selectric console printer.

What I'd really like is an example of the followup machine, the System/7 - I only have a front panel from one of those:

As far as I know, this is the only IBM 1800 in captivity. The 1130 is however a very similar machine: will tell you a lot about it. will tell you some more!

On to page 2 of the 1800 stuff...