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Corestore Collection - IBM System/390

Placeholder page for S/390 stuff

S/390 Integrated Server 3006 which sometimes serves the Corestore pages:

IS 3006 is a big black anonymous lump

IBM SSA drives ($12,000 per 18GB drive!) not used - SCSI ServeRAID used instead.

Rear - big blue cable is channel (Bus & Tag); five network cables - one ethernet for front-end OS/2, three for S/390, plus a toekn-ring for S/390.


Closeup of rear connectors

An S/390 console with a view (Empire State building in background :-)

3172 - IBM network processor

Cover removed, front panel...

Bus & Tag in from mainframe, multiple ethernet out.

Inside it's pretty much a Microchannel PC, with a special operating system - even has keyboard and video ports.

IBM 3174 Establishment Controller - this lets IBM 3270 terminals talk to the mainframe.

Front panel.

Rear - this one is maxed-out with interfaces, can talk to the mainframe via Bus & Tag channel, ESCON (fibre) channel, or ethernet.

My old P/390... a microchannel IBM Server 320 with a microchannel 128MB P/390 card installed...