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Corestore Collection - Convex C220

My Convex C220 was rescued from Birkbeck College at the University of London in 1996, where it had been used for crystallography. I got the complete system, all up and running with software installed, root password known, and a very full set of disks, tapes, and manuals. It's another big ECL machine, two CPUs, 64-bit, each with a vector processor.

A pretty poor picture of the complete system in situ at Birkbeck.

The CPU safely recovered to the Corestore.

Front door open. behind that big blank metal plate...

...lives the CPU and memory.

Closeup of one of the extremely heavy CPUs.

Back door open... backplane and some heavy-duty power supplies.

It came with several boxes of tapes and documentation.

Convexes (Convexen?) aren't terribly common in private hands, I don't have many links about them: Seems to be about a site that once had one, the 'museum' URL is misleading