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Corestore Collection - The Big Move!

For the last ten years or so, a substantial part of the Corestore collection has languished in storage near Cambridge.

(we moved to New York, and spent several years in small apartments with little room for ancient hardware)

This year, the time finally came to get it moving - here's some pictures of the event!

Pretty much the entire UK portion of the collection, all lined up and ready to move.

Took a day out to visit Erik in .nl - swapped an 8l and some bits for a nice VT05, and beautiful restored 8/s - the work of John Bradatanu

Some more pictures of stuff lined up - most in need of a degree of TLC after being stored!

-12, -15, and -10...

-10, -15, and -12 :-)

I didn't have room or inclination to keep everything. Enter Jim Austin, the first to give a firm response to my cctech post - he came along as promised, and took the Convex, with all docs and tapes.
I wasn't really keen to part with it, but I've had to be brutal and rationalise the collection just a bit. He also rescued an SGI Crimson, and AS/400, an Evans & Sutherland PS300, an Apollo Domain, and various other bits.
Well played Jim!!

Flying pdps... loading the 40ft shipping container.

The gas turbines went too... here goes the Rover gas turbine powered fire pump!

More to follow when it all shows up in New York - expected second half of June 2008!