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Culligran Power Station - Access Tunnel

Culligran Power Station sign

Culligran access tunnel is approx. 400ft long, 17ft wide and high, sloping steeply down to the machine hall at 1:10. Except for short lengths at the portal, and where it enters the machine hall, it is unlined. Near the lower end, a passage leading off from the right hand side gives access to the draft tube gallery. Just before it enters the machine halls, two chambers have been excavated on the left hand side for switchgear, office, and a battery room.

Photo: Culligran access tunnel portal
Photo by: Mike Ross

Photo: Culligran access tunnel - looking down to the brightly-lit machine hall from just inside the portal
Photo by: Mike Ross

Photo: Culligran - lower end of access tunnel . Draft tube stoplog gallery is on the right .
Photo by: Mike Ross

Photo: Culligran access tunnel - view back up tunnel from loading bay.
Photo by: Mike Ross

A couple from the archives... Culligran access tunnel under construction...
Photo by: NOSHEB archives

... and as completed. I was 2 months old when this photo was taken!
Photo by: NOSHEB archives

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