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Culligran Power Station - Construction Adit

Culligran Power Station sign

There is one construction adit at Culligran. Located halfway up the track from the access tunnel portal to the surge shaft. I've never entered it, but it leads (as shown on the drawing on the main Culligran page) to the low pressure tunnel, a little distance upstream from the surge shaft. It would have been used for access during the construction of the tunnel, but presently will end in a concrete plug, fitted with a bolted cover giving access to the low pressure system when it's dewatered for inspection.

There can still be leakage into the adit, hence the construction visible in the interior photo, with a concrete walkway on one side, and railings next to a 'ditch' or drainage channel on the other side of the passage.

The gate is locked, I believe these adits have also been visited by nature conservancy folks checking to see if they were the roosting sites for bats!

Photo: Culligran - entrance to construction adit.
Photo by: Mike Ross

Photo: inside the adit. Railings protect the drainage sump for seepage water.
Photo by: Mike Ross

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