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rope and cord floggers
Our rope and cord floggers are available in the following colors: white, blood red, royal blue, passionate purple, gorgeous green, and dark charcoal. Other colors will be available in the future. All of our floggers have beautiful wooden handles available in a variety of finishes. The standard handle is 7 1/2" long and contured for easy grip. Different styles of handles are available from time to time, so be sure and ask. Each flogger is accented with an intricate, hand-tied, binding knot of contrasting color cord or leather thong. Click on the thumbnail image to see a larger picture. Please email with any questions or requests for custom work.

Small Purple Flogger This is a toy for close work, made of 40 strands of rope, approximately 11" long, with a series knots tied into the ends for weight and bite. Each of these knotted rope floggers is made of soft, silky nylon rope. The handle ring style lends itself nicely to quick and easy action. $25.00
Medium Knotted Rope Flogger The medium weight flogger is made of 30 strands of rope approximately 16" in length. The longer length is not intended for close work, and the medium weight is excellent for all around use. $35.00
Large Blue Knotted Flogger The heavy weight flogger is made of 40 strands, 20" in length. Both heavier and longer, it requires more room for effective use and can be more severe (and enjoyable!) $45.00
Braided Twine This is a lovely flogger, made of 50 strands, 17" in length, of braided nylon silk cord, with a series of knots at the ends for weight and optimum control. The texture created by the braid has a wonderful feel. Considered to be mild to medium in severity and is heavier than the knotted rope. $45.00
Braided Rope Flogger This is a heavy, braided rope flogger of 26 strands of braided rope, approximtely 19" in length, with a one double knot at each end. Rated medium+ in severity. $50.00
Braides with Beads This one can be truly severe. Made of 40 strands of extra heavy, braided cord, 15" in length, with 5, accent color, 6mm beads braided into each strand. When used with a light hand, the sting is very noticable. When used with a heavier hand, the phrase "I've been shot in the butt with a load of rock salt" has been heard. $60.00

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