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Family & Friend Pics & news will go here - under construction!

My old mate Chris Quayle - a hacker, of pdp-11s and embedded systems especially, of the highest order

Our good friends from Canada, Dave & Tracey.

Old school chums, Suzy Chin & Lucy West. Dingwall Academy 6th form common room, 1982.

Winter climbing - Ian Stewart, Gavin Thomas & I walking in towards Ben Wyvis.

Believe it or not, this is the extreme North of Scotland!! Diana & I at a perfect deserted bay near Durness, circa 1987. I got more sunburned that day then I have been anywhere else in the world... but the water was... not warm!

A very cute Diana, aged 17 :) P>
A not so cute Mike, aged approx. 7, outside Fasnakyle power station, with father & grandparents.