About me...

I'm Michael Ross, Mike to my friends, various other things to my enemies! I'm 36, a Highlander born and bred, from Dingwall, a small town to the north of Inverness in the Scottish Highlands. I'm an IT professional, mainly involved in network hardware and software. Current job title is QA Analyst. I'm married to a wonderful person, Diana Gordon - we've been 'together' for 14 years and finally got married in 1998. The photographs to prove it are here...

I was educated at Dingwall Academy, then went to Glasgow University where I studied geology, then a postgrad course in IT. In the second year of my degree I met Diana, and when we had finished our degrees we went to Cambridge, where I started my career (as in career off the road and hit sheep) in the IT business, whilst Diana buried herself in a vacuum chamber and completed a PhD in physical chemistry. Following this long, colourful, spectacularly successful academic pursuit of science, she promptly went to the City to trade junk bonds...

We've been living in Cambridge, UK, for the last few years, but have now moved to the USA where Diana & I will be working for the next few years, on and off.

Our Wedding photos are up at long last!

Dylan, who is 18, lives with us (when we're there) in Cambridge, and is somewhat confused.

My car in the UK, a Citroen CX GTi Turbo - 200+ hp, 0-60 7 secs, 150mph flat out with a tailwind :))))

Some highly assorted links - friends, family, companys I've worked for, all kinds of stuff:

   IBI - I work for these folks... the biggest cats on Silicon Alley.
   Dell - used to work for them, they make decent systems
   Jon Green - an old friend, he used to work at....
   Episys - I also used to work for them.
   Ian Bennet - another gas turbine lunatic.
   Spanner - a particularly nasty abuse of the UK legal system.
   Since my home town doesn't have a homepage, here's a link to its football team
   Scottish Hydro - my father worked for them all his life

I like Warp, it doesn't come from... well, you know

I don't like being told what I can see...

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