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Sandy Donald Ross born 12:37 EST 16/11/04!

8lb 1oz and all well! Mother and baby doing fine, father utterly exhausted!

Click on any pic for the full high-resolution version! (big file alert)

Three minutes old... just like his big brother Iain, he popped out, cried lustily, and looked around to
size up what he'd got himself into!

Just a few minutes older, and ready for a snack - latched on very nicely :-)
Looks a lot like Iain too!

Time to chill for a bit - but stayed wide-awake and wiggly for three hours postpartum

Next day his Auntie Rachel came to visit - one nice pic...

...and another!

Sandy and mummy escaped the hospital on Thursday afternoon, after a tiny alarum over his bilirubin level... settling in at home now!

Settled in at home... six days old now and wearing his 'Quack Quack!' duckling suit - very cute!

Quack Quack!

If I'm three weeks old... it must be time for my passport photo!

I'm trying to sleep but my Noisy Brother has other ideas...

Four weeks old! Iain is getting used to his little brother, and showing a lot of affection (but
secretly contemplating fratricide? Who knows!)

Four weeks old! Daddy (Master Burper) burps Sandy; Iain hugs Sandy and helps :-)

Four weeks old! Mummy (Mistress Burper) burps Sandy; Iain... is amused.

Five weeks old! Wearing the green suit his Mad Auntie Margaret gave him.

Five weeks and one day - and his very first smile for the camera!
(we've had smiles for a few days but never managed to photograph one)

Christmas 2004! Sandy sits down to Christmas dinner with his mummy, who is attempting to carve
her Tofurkey vegetarian roast (serves 4)...

Christmas 2004! Sandy enjoys his Wonderful Musical Chair with Built-In Vibrator! Iain tickles feet...

Sandys first pic of 2005 - being held by Ewelina, the best au pair on the planet!
Ewelina suggested title for this image: "green baby and green au pair on green chair"

Nearly seven weeks and he has the *cutest* smiles!