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miscellaneous toys for pleasurable pain

The Wisk. Of Master's own personal design and creation, the Wisk truly defies description. It can be used in so many different way, and can be rated from mild to severe depending on application. It is 19 inches in length, and approximatly 3/4" in diameter of stiff, zig-zagged poly-strands. The "O" ring is intended for storage, but can be used to help control the amount of flair, although it will come off during heavy use. It is available with the light weight wooden handles, as well as, heavy metal handles. (Brass handles coming soon.) The affect? According to some very satisfied customers, the affect ranges from being similar to a serious bundle of switches (and yet different) to a mass of bee stings. This all depends on length of time used, how hard it's used, where it is applied. This is a toy that can truly be different with each and every use. $45.00 (wood)

$50.00 (metal)
Red Angel Hair Flogger
Green Angel Hair Flogger
This is a soft, senuous, teasing toy. It is made from cord and is available in most any length and weight you would like, as well as an assortment of colors. The red, pictured, is approximately 15" in length, and the green, 22" and heavier than the red. The green has some thump, but is still soft and senuous. Both are extra mild. Custom made to order. $25.00+
Rope A very interesting tool with many uses and affects, 25 feet of 1/4" nylon rope, in an assortment of colors. Other sizes and lengths available soon. $10.00

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