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Dedicated to the Master/slave, Dominant/submissive,
BDSM lifestyles.

Welcome to trippers bdsm. Come on in and stay awhile. Do some reading, do some shopping, or visit with the gang. We are a friendly bunch here.
special note: these pages are under constant development, and will be added to on a weekly basis, so check back often for new addtions, new reading, and more great links.

just trippin'
Some of our favorite links around the web on wiitwd. Informative, educational, and some are just plain fun. Enjoy!!
tripper's reading room
A collection of writing from some of our friends. Some stories, poems, humorous situations, and other original work.
meet the gang
Photos and bios on some of the trippers regulars and some of our online buddies.
our views on wiitwd
Our personal thoughts on our lifestyle, our kinks, and the things that make our particular version of this lifestyle work for us. This is not meant to be guide for the "only" way to happiness in this lifestyle - only what works for us.
trippers toys
Come and see the toys and accesories that we build. Some are sensuous, some are truly wicked. You be the judge!

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