My old computers wants list....

I'm particularly looking for the following; I would consider systems anywhere in Europe or North America, I might be prepared to travel further for something really special...

If you can help - with systems or even hints about to to approach - email me at or (or preferably both! :-)

Early DEC systems - anything pre-1975 is likely to be of interest, especially:
DEC10 - I would love a complete KA or KI system, or bits.
I would have to consider any -10 or -20 worth saving, however, I'd particularly like a 2065 or similar late 'orange corporate cab' 20.
Looking for memory and an I/O cab to get my KL complete.
I'd pay well for a decent pdp-12 - mine is very rough, and has too many non-DEC mods... :-(
Also I'd like a LINC-8.
Also looking for early -15 (I have 2 XVM systems), and especially a pdp-9.
*Any* early DEC peripheral controllers (or, indeed peripherals) - the type that has a backplane in a six-foot rack with a bunch of lights at the top - e.g. DECtape, fixed-head disk contollers, comms stuff. RP11, RF08, all that kind of stuff.
Early -8 systems - need a straight-8 and an 8/S to complete the sequence.
Also would like the correct memory for my 11/20 - the first 11.
Most urgently wanted is the special quad-size Unibus memory for my pdp-11/20 - MM11-E or MM11-F.
Also looking for early/useful DEC disks (from RP02 to RM80), TU55 and TU56 DECtapes, paper-tape readers, etc...

I'm just starting to get into IBM, and I've a very steep learning curve. I 'm particularly interested in:
Early 360/370 systems - the kind with a very large lights and switches console. Or System/7. Or System/3. A System/360 in particular is top of my wants list just now - email me if you have the slightest clue as to where there is, or may have been, one! I'm willing to pay serious money for a System/360, especially for a Model 30.
Anything with a decent console!
Any old printing terminal based around the IBM Selectric typewriter - either by IBM or a 3rd party Selectric conversion. 1052, 2741 etc. etc.
A P/370 card (to go along with my P/390s!)
PC/RT stuff, especially a tower box (got several incomplete desktops).
On more modern stuff, I'd like a reasonably cheap Multiprise 2000 system, preferably with internal DASD.

Again just getting into this. I'd love an early Cray, but am realistic enough to know I don't have the resources to handle it... a smaller cmos Cray would be interesting, but what I really want is a TMC (Connection Machines) system - CM-2, CM-200, CM-5. I have a CM-200, I should have a CM-2 but the fscking college that was keeping it for me to pick up has 'mislaid' the bloody thing! How can anyone *lose* a CM-2??!!!

Practically any early workstations would be of interest - Perq, Apple Lisa, Whitechapel, Sun, numerous others.

All other waifs and strays considered, please email me if you have any offers, suggestions, and hints...