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Subterranea Scotia

Livishie Power Station

Livishie Power Station sign

OS Grid Ref: NN 19210 13310(access tunnel portal)
Date opened: 1962
Date closed : Operational

Livishie was the final station to be commisioned in the Garry/Moriston scheme, and one of the last to be built by the board.

Livishie is a small station, capacity 15MW. It doesn't have a large reservoir, but is fed by water from several streams on the North side of the River Moriston, gathered by tunnels and aqueducts and led to a headpond high up on the Allt Blairaidh. From there it is lead by tunnel to the underground Livishie power station, operating under a head of 850ft. It was completely refurbished in the late '90s and is probably the most beautiful underground station in Scotland:

There are 17 images of Livishie in the Records, and 4 webpages. They may all be accessed via the map at the bottom of this page, which is a clickable image map. Each area selected will open in a new window.

Regrettably none of the imagery includes data on the headworks of the scheme - tunnels, intakes, headpond, dam etc. - these lie a long way up a private road behind a locked gate which I have yet to successfully pentrate!

UPDATE 15th November 2005 - I obtained a key for the above-mentioned locked gate, and now have a complete story to tell about the headworks - see the headworks page.

Drilldown to high-resolution imagery IS available online for this site - click on any image, a high-resolution version will open in a new window

A short video sequence touring the machine hall exists but is not yet online.

Livishie access tunnel portal

Photo: Livishie access tunnel portal
Photo by: Mike Ross

Livishie power station - interior

Photo: Livishie power station - interior
Photo by: Mike Ross

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Map of Livishie power station area.

Illustration: Map of Livishie power station area
Illustration by: Canmap, additional legend Mike Ross

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