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All kinds of family pics, friends, work colleagues, old school pics, holiday pics, pics of our favourite places in Scotland... this page is basically a collection of galleries. Pick the one that suits you, it will open in a new window:

Gallery 1: Mike's colleagues from Information Builders / iWay Software
Gallery 2: Mike's old school friends from Dingwall Academy 1976-1982
Gallery 3: Assorted pictures - friends from former employers, personal friends, internet buddies, fellow hackers etc etc - and the inevitable embarassing pics of us when we were young (what do you mean 'were'?!!)
Gallery 4: Holiday pictures from our trip to Hawai'i in 2002 (yes Hawai'i again - we like it!)
Gallery 5: Holiday pictures from our trip to Bequia in 2001
Gallery 6: Holiday pictures from our trip to Hawai'i in 2000
Gallery 7: Pictures of our very cute son Iain! (born March 2003)
Gallery 8: Pictures from recent trips to Scotland - Diana, Iain, and Mike, and many of the Ross/Cushnie/Reid clans (going to be some family tree stuff up there when I can manage it!)
Gallery 9: Pictures from Andy and Mel's wedding vow reaffirmation ceremony - some of Iain here too! Various members of the Gordon tribe :-)