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1st-3rd August 2003 - much rewriting in progress. Many broken links for a couple of days

The Corestore - home of ancient computers

Diana, Iain, & Mike welcome you to their homepages.

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The Corestore is the main page for our domains. Other domains (some of which redirect to pages within are the following: (no web server, telnet and ftp access) (no web server, telnet access)
Our son Iain was born on March 15th 2003 - he got his own domain as a birthday present!

Whilst the Corestore is primarily concerned with ancient computers, there are several other subjects dealt with here:

If you're looking for my material concerning the history and works of the North Of Scotland Hydro-Electric Board, click HERE
If you're looking for 'Subterranea Scotia' which deals with underground stuff (including hydro stations, but also bunkers, forts etc.) click HERE
Some material on my collection of assorted gas turbines can be found HERE
My (in)famous Empire State Building webcam is HERE
If you're a friend, old or new, you may be looking for personal stuff - family, friends, photographs of Scotland, and holiday photo albums etc. - click HERE
If you're looking for xxxxx censored by Diana xxxxx
Some information about my favourite British aviation scrapyards can be found HERE

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Moved earth and heaven; that which we are, we are;
One equal temper of heroic hearts
Made weak by time and fate, but strong in will
To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield.'

LATEST! July 30th 2003 - following a hectic few months since the birth of our son, redesign & updates of the Corestore are now underway!

LATEST! April 26th 2003 - updates are slowly continuing. Deanie has been added to the list of completed hydro station pages.

LATEST! April 21st 2003 - In the last 3 years, the Corestore website has been up continuously, with only 1/2 hour unplanned downtime (ISP failures excepted). FIVE MINUTES after I left on a long trip a week ago, the TCPIP stack crashed horribly. The Corestore has been down for the last week! Apologies.

LATEST! April 8th 2003 - updates are slowly continuing. Nant has been added to the list of completed hydro station pages.

LATEST! April 4th 2003 - updates are slowly continuing. Livishie has been added to the list of completed hydro station pages.

LATEST! March 6th 2003 - updates are slowly continuing. 'Old Computer pages' urgently need revising to eliminate now-deprecated frames. Project to document the works of the Hydro Board is ongoing, much of the photography has been completed over the last year or so, but only two station web pages are presently complete: Clachan and Culligran.

LATEST! September 10th 2002 - Sorry if folks have been unable to reach the Corestore for a few days; We've just returned from a trip to Hawai'i where a good time was had by all (despite D's occasional morning sickness), some lava was chased, some volcanoes were climbed, some hula was enjoyed, and some diving was done... yep I ended up breathing the long hose for the first time:

Mike in full DIR regalia, courtesy of Divetek Kona

Unfortunately while we were away the cable modem crashed, hence the intermittant outage for the Corestore... bugger.
Many more pictures and stories to come... the first of them are HERE

LATEST! July 20th 2002 - Complete renovation of the Corestore is under way. New navigation, new look and feel, and a lot of new content on the way, especially in 'Images of Scotland', a major new section starting on the history and works of the North of Scotland Hydro-Electric Board, and a closely-related survey of 'Subterranea Scotia'. This will mean some disruption to the site structure - at least half the links won't work as intended for a little while.

LATEST! December 4th 2001 - Vacation pictures from Bequia - great place, great diving, but bloody hot and lots of mossies! :-).

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